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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sharing the Reality

Over the last few months I've introduced you to my friend Julia, and her son Aaron who they recently brought home from Eastern Europe. For awhile Aaron's button was on my sidebar, until he came home and I was happily able to take it down.

Julia's heart is burdened, and I share that burden with her in other parts of Eastern Europe, as most of us involved in Reece's Rainbow do. Some of us have have been exposed to different sights and sounds, all connected by one common thread; Children who are waiting for someone to come get them, Facility directors who are using a small budget and to do as much as possible, caretakers who are caring for multitudes of children with too few hands. All of them are working against societal norms that have taught them these children, the ones with Down syndrome, CP, or other disabilities, have no value. They are doing their best...and we want to help.

Please go read Julia's post, since she speaks it so much more eloquently than I!

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