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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dilemma of the Day

I haven't had a dilemma all week, so it's about time, right?

Those who are new here, let me get you up to speed.....

A year ago in September I went back to school full time, to get my degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. (aka Ultrasound Tech) This is a highly competitive field, and the program is extremely difficult to get into. I ended up  having to enroll in a different program (BA Psychology) in order to get all my generals done over the last year, then was put on the waiting list for the actual Sonography program.

And, VIOLA! I got a seat in Fall of 2011's program. PERFECT! I'd take this year off, get two adoptions completed, get everyone settled and into school next fall at the same time that I go back to school. PIECE OF CAKE, right?

Well, to all you newbies, you probably also don't yet know that I don't do ANYTHING the easy way! Oh, I have it all planned out in my head the right way, but that guy upstairs? Yeah, He keeps trying to teach me these lessons about "control" and stuff like that.

So in July or so I get a call that my name came up for Spring semester, which starts January 7th. Well...what if I don't want that seat? I didn't SAY that, but I wanted to. I knew the answer was going to be, "If you don't want it, why did you enroll when we only take 20 people a year, and there are 120 people who applied????"

Well, because I didn't know we were ADOPTING, that's why! Because **GOD** didn't include me on the email to the universe that said,

"Memo: On April 7th, 2010, I'll be performing an atomic shift in the atmosphere, which will cause the stars to change their alignment. When this happens, that man......the one living in that house located at (insert our address) will read the blog post written by his wife, and will cry. At that precise moment, a decision will be made which will change the course of their lives forever."

Yeah, that email. I didn't get that one.

So anyway, in July the admissions counselor called to tell me the WONDERFUL news, that I was accepted for January. She could hardly contain herself. I, on the other hand, was in tears on my end of the phone. When I told her my dilemma, that we were waiting to find out news on IANNA'S adoption, and it's possible we would be traveling, she said "Well, you took all your generals. You'd only need to take 2 classes, which are both offered at night."

Ok, that's do able. Only problem is it's only 6 credits so not covered by financial aid. I'd have to come up with about $2000 out of pocket to pay for those two classes. Lovely. BUT, she said I could, at the last minute, defer my seat to fall 2011 semester and allow another student to take the seat. I'd still need to accept the spring seat at the moment, and defer later on. So I planned on doing that. Like the middle of October.

Fast forward to today. Today is November 1st, isn't it?

School called, and it was my admissions counselor. With all that has blown up with Axel's adoption, I have completely forgotten about school. Totally and completely forgotten. My counselor asked me, "I'm calling because you haven't registered for classes yet. Registration closes on the 11th."


I explained to him that I was going to defer to Fall 2011 semester. That I'm going to be bringing a child home, it's possible I won't be home in time for the January 7th start date (Lord, Please let me be home by then! I should be home by then!!!!) but we're also hoping to have another adoption happening in the spring, and I can't miss three weeks of class. It would be better to defer to next fall.

"Not even possible" he said. All those seats are full.


Ok. Umm.

Well, I'm hoping to have a travel date by Weds at the latest. (was actually hoping to have it today, but got an email this morning saying a couple more days.) so he said to call him back on Thursday morning, in the meantime he's going to call the other admissions counselor to find out what she told me. He was NOT happy with me, really.

And do I ever feel like an irresponsible heel. I haven't checked my school email since July, and there were two informational events I should have attended in October. I read over the program handbook today and I have about $1000 to spend on supplies. OUCH!

Thankfully, if I do have to start in January, I do only have 2 classes to take, and yes, they're both evening classes when Dean is home. Umm, one of those classes is PHYSICS. Blech! But starting in May????? I AM IN TROUBLE! Wow...14 credits during Summer semester, and most of those classes are during the day. You know, when the kids are home? Lovely! 12 credits the next, semester, but the kids will be back in school. For each credit it's at least 3 hours of homework.

Needless to say, once I got that phone call today, my stomach has been in knots not because of the adoption, but because of school anxiety!!!

I'm thinking this needs prayer. Really, prayer that it works for me to defer to fall of 2011. There is no way we can bring Ianna home if I'm in school this spring. I just don't see how it could work unless they let me choose my travel dates and I can work it in over my spring break and only miss one week of school, then I'd only miss one day of each class. Still, that would be awfully risky. I did that last spring and ended up getting stuck in Bulgaria because of the Icelandic volcano and had some NOT very happy professors!!! It ended up causing my school to totally revamp their absentee policy for finals week since that stupid volcano made me miss finals!

So, that's my dilemma of the day!

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