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Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Definition: Persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.
Lasting or enduring tenaciously."

One reader emailed me today and asked what the status is with Ianna. I figured if one person asked, there are probably more wondering.

Basically, there is nothing to report about Ianna, other than to say we have not given up on her, nor have we stopped praying for her! Until all doors to the possibility of her adoption have closed and the keys thrown away forever, we will continue to be persistent.

We know there are people in Ianna's country who care for her, and want nothing but the best for her. It is hard for them to stand against the system that has a long history of only doing things a certain way. They have already saved her once from a horrible place, and I know they don't want to see her moved to such a place again. They are doing all they can to help Ianna find her way to a forever family instead of a transfer to a long-term care facility.

Please pray for the system there. They're trying to change, but change takes time, something Ianna is quickly running out short on.

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