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Monday, November 22, 2010

About those flights

So last night I emailed my travel agent, who handles a lot of Reece's Rainbow families, and asked him about going ahead and booking my return flights. That way I'd have that ticket on me and not have to worry about proof that I'm going to leave the country, etc.

By afternoon I still hadn't heard from him and's possible he's not in today, so I called. He laughed, saying he was hitting "send" just as he picked up the phone to answer my call. (sure enough, the email arrived not 2 seconds later. LOL)

Anyway, earlier this morning he talked to the adoptive parent who had the airport problems yesterday, and assured me NO other families have had such a problem. The issue, it seems, was an overzealous United Airline agent enforcing the wrong rules for the wrong country. I should NOT have such problems.

If I book return flights now and need to change the date later, the change fee for my and Axel's return tickets is $150 each, plus any rate increases.

$300 is a lot of money right now, especially since today we were given a $500 SURPRISE expense added to our adoption! (that's a different post) I'd rather not book those tickets until I know exactly what date we're ready to return.

All that to say I did NOT book the return flights today. Nuf said.

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