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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

USCIS update

Ok problem with USCIS figured out!

We were given a fingerprint appointment for November 17th, but where we live we're able to take our notice to the immigration office and have our appointment changed. It just so happens that they sometimes take you for they very time you show up to ask about changing it. ;-) So our fingerprints were done on October 26th.

However, the officer assigned to our case doesn't look to complete your file until two days after your ASSIGNED finger print appointment. She didn't know we were already done! Hopefully in the next few days our approval will be issued! Friday I'll call just to make sure.

Sometimes all these steps in the process make me nervous, especially when there is a timeline involved. Our agency is emailing Immigration as well to let them know we have a travel date pending, and that they are the only piece left to complete.

I did get an email today from our facilitator in Axel's country verifying that we wanted to arrive first week of December, which we do.  They are still working on calendars and final approvals on their end. We have all of our dog and kid caregivers in place and ready, we just need to tell them what day to be here.

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  1. When we submitted our fingerprints for USCIS we also made the run around phone calls. But the one call our agency suggested we made was after we heard they were approved, we had to call back and make sure that the approval actually reached the embassy/immigration office in Ethiopia. The phone call was a pain because we were put on hold forEVER. Seriously, i put the phone on speaker and just carried it around with me while I cleaned the kitchen, watched TV, etc, etc - it was about 45 minutes of hold music. Anyway, we did get confirmation that our approval reached Ethiopia and they gave us a confirmation number in case we got there and the approval was MIA.