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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

USCIS question

For those who have previously adopted, here's a question:

Yesterday I called to check the status of our I-171, and was given the name of the officer our file was assigned to. I left a message.

Ever the patient person that I am (not) I called back today to just see if whoever answered would just tell me if the approval and been issued yet. This time I was told it had not left the Officer's desk yet, however i was given a DIFFERENT officer's name.

Any reason why the file would have a different officer today than it had yesterday?

Also, how long are your approvals usually taking from the day of your fingerprinting? It seems, from most the blogs I'm reading, anywhere from a week to three weeks for new files under the new system, and the old wait of weeks and weeks and weeks is getting less common.  We had our fingerprints done on Tuesday, October 26th.


  1. Our officer was really on top of things (I think) because we got our approval about a week after we got our fingerprints done. I waited to call her until 3 days after we got fingerprinted (we went in early) and she said that she had the prints and would have the approval to us shortly. Praying you receive yours quickly!

  2. Not sure about the difference in officers, but it took 13 weeks to get our approval... and that was under the new system! :( Praying that it comes fast for you Leah!!