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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo

Last week we went on a field trip to the Belgrade zoo with our friends the Burmans.

As we toured the zoo, people around us complained.

They complained about the condition of the animals.

They complained about the unnatural conditions 

They complained about the confinement, and how 
the animals were  1/2 the size they should be.

Onlookers complained how stressed the animals looked. 

They commented about how some of the animals appeared frozen, like they'd disconnected from the world.

 People noticed the animals pacing

and remarked about the causes of the pacing.

The peacocks were no longer beautiful, and were missing most of their tail feathers.

The tigers appeared drugged, sleeping just inches away from reach of onlookers.

The Elephant, skin hanging, begged for food from everyone.

I wanted to scream. To tell these people that just down the road, in this very city, there are CHILDREN who are kept in similar conditions. That in buildings around the country, there are CHILDREN who are kept in far worse conditions. 


  1. Heartbreaking...after I read the 2nd sentence, I knew exactly where you were going with this. What a horrifically sad, but true analogy. THERE ARE CHILDREN!!!!

  2. So sad! We are going to Ukraine this summer and expect to see the exact same thing. :(