Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Traveling Home

Here are pics from our trip home. I don't have the ARRIVAL video yet. Hopefully I will have it tonight so I can keep the blog in chronological order.

Sitting at the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade.

Goodbye Serbia! Goodbye!

He kept the headphones on for .001 seconds.

Riding the car for 7 hours. He did FANTASTIC! 

His first slide in America, at a highway rest stop somewhere in Wisconsin. LOL

Nobody has ever given him a snack to hold before. He was quite proud of himself.

Minutes after that last picture was taken we arrived home! Video still to come.


  1. Love the pics, glad you all are safe and sound. I imagine there is some nice quality time happening right now.

  2. Yay! So glad you all are home! I'm clearly a space cadet, I missed you came through Chicago. Had I known, we'd have been glad to share our home for a night, or even just supper and help with a hotel room. Hope Angela is ok with being the only girl still. The twins are wanting a younger sister, so we may go on this fun ride again. I say we're staying with the 5-7 age range, but I said that 2 years ago and a 6 year old and a 12 year old joined this family. So I think we'll just listen to what God tells us.