Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Monday, April 8, 2013


So this morning we finally got the email we've been waiting for; final approval from B's social center to complete our adoption!!!

Yeah, umm.... we're leaving in TWO DAYS! Yes, we will leave on Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. Panic. That is where I've been all day, panic. So much to get done. But for tonight I'm shot so decided to come here and put to print how much I did get done today so I can see I really did make some progress.

I have spent most of today running around like a mad woman, getting a huge list of stuff done. Here's what today looked like. Items with a strikeout were completed today. Of course, these things can only be done when I'm not taking care of the kids who are here!

Buy plane tickets
Put bathroom linen closet back together (because I got carried away and gutted it!)
Go to my bank
Go to Dean's bank
Go to bank again! (really? Shees!)
Target: Buy size 5T pants for B, a car seat, underwear and socks, pull ups
Post office
Find electric converters!!!!
Finish laundry
Clean basement
Clean 2nd bathroom
Wash sheets
Emergency notebook put together
Fill out special olympics registration
MAIL Special Olympics registration
Buy 2 bags of dog food
Buy breakfast foods/Asher lunches for two weeks
Write down dog instructions
Request take-along antibiotics from dr. 
Pick up medications 
Dispense meds for the month
Bathe dogs
Shave down dogs
Move Dean's motorcycle out of storage (delegated to family member)
Pick up Angela from softball
Arrange softball rides for Angela
Cancel therapy
Clean master bedroom (why is it the collection place for everything?)
Order Euro from bank
Print itinerary for sitter
Get emergency contact info to all kids teachers
Print boarding passes

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  1. I just popped in to check to see how the adoption is going, and realized that y'all leave tomorrow! Congrats and good luck!!