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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 7

Today was our 7th day of visiting. It feels like we've been here a month, and yet we really don't know our son. He's still such a stranger to us.

Our day started out a bit rough. We were being picked up by my friend's father - who doesn't speak English - at 10:45. Awesome! We could sleep in a bit since we are still having trouble getting on the Serbian clock. (usually I don't have any trouble, but this trip has been more difficult for me.)  I was sound asleep when suddenly Dean shouted, "Honey! Wake up! It's 10:30!"

Holy smokes! We got ready in record time and met our driver at exactly 10:45. We were both starving, but we were ready. ;-)

When we arrived to the institution B was waiting for us with one of the caregivers. He ran to change his shoes (they have specific indoor/outdoor shoes.) then took Papa's hand because he was the one holding the magic bag. LOL Just for fun Dean handed me the bag and B switched to holding my hand. LOL

We went outside and had a snack and played for a few minutes. Then the busses came to bring all B's classmates back from school. This caused a bit of drama because he wanted to go on the bus. One of the drivers came and said hello to him, then he was content to watch the 3 or 4 buses come and go while his friends made their way into the institution building. Then it was time for lunch so we took him in. He at his broth with boiled cabbage and/or veggies (it's boiled beyond recognition, and there is nothing of substance to it.) Then he was told to lie down on his bed.

There is one piece of institutional training that I don't mind keeping, and that is staying put on whatever bed or chair they've been told to sit on. B. took his place on his bed and waiting while the caregiver changed the diapers of the children, each taking a seat on his or her bed when they were done. Finally she announced that it was time to lie down. I know this because all the children simultaneously layed down. She came around and tossed a blanket over each of them. (the beds on either side of him are empty because one is at school and one of the other little boys with DS is a gymnast and climbing all over the cabinets at the time!!!) And do you see the Duplo block in his hand? It is with him...always....We even have a spare.

Goodnight B. Have a nice nap. Soon you won't go to bed without a pillow, kiss, and a hug!!!

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