Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

There's more than one way to Belgrade!

We were supposed to fly out of Minneapolis to Newark at 4:00 pm yesterday. Unfortunately due to bad weather everything to the east coast was either cancelled, or significantly delayed. First our flight was delayed, then delayed a couple more times. Finally at 6:00 we were in the process of boarding when they cancelled the flight.

We, along with 300 other people. were trying to re-book flights. We were able to get the last seats on a flight to Amsterdam and raced to catch it. 15 minutes from home and we sat for 7 hours waiting to fly!

We are now here in Amsterdam, then we go on to Munich, then arrive in Belgrade at 9:00 pm Belgrade time. (That's 3:00 pm at home.)  We'll get to bed then get up tomorrow for our  meeting and to go meet B!!!

Please pray there are no other delays! We need to be at our meeting at 10:00 tomorrow morning! This meeting CANNOT get delayed. The government is shutting down May first, and the Embassy will only be closed many days as well. We need to have our entire process DONE by May 1st and it's not likely to happen if this meeting gets delayed to Monday.


  1. crossing fingers, toes, sending love, light, positivity, and praying for blessings. I think that covers it. Side note, aren't you tired of calling him "B"? I can't wait to learn his name. Are you waiting to meet him before you give him a new name? Or are you keeping his name the same and that's why you aren't able to share it yet?

  2. Oh no Leah, you know this only means good luck! What would a trip across the world mean if you didn't have weather delays or volcanic eruptions :) :) Best of luck I'll be thinking of you and Dean at 10:00 tomorrow when you get to see that sweet boy face to face {{Hugs}}

  3. @Kathy LOL!!! Yes, I'm very tired of calling him B, and it's actually hard to remember since the kids know him by his new name. We're not allowed to give out his name until he his legally ours. @Jackie, our meeting is 10:00 in Belgrade which is 4:00 a.m. at home in MN.

  4. Well, it will be 5:00 EST, I'll be thinking of you with my eyes closed and my head on my pillow still but will say a little prayer before I go to sleep :)