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Monday, April 22, 2013

Orphan Clothes

This morning B got up and had a big breakfast with Papa, went potty on the toilet, and just 'hung out' until I got up. All things he's never done before this weekend.

When I got up he had a bath; playing in the water and even putting his face under. This from a child we were told doesn't like bathes or showers.

His bath done I got him out and dried him off. He practiced where's your eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (he doesn't know, we're just learning the names.

I got him dressed. Only today he didn't wear the fun new clothes we bought for him before we came to Serbian. No, this time we put the orphanage clothes back on him.

It's going to be a rough day.

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  1. Oh Leah! My heart just breaks in a million pieces for you and for him! ((((Hugs)))) Praying God's mighty hand of protection will guard his sweet little heart, that he clings to these wonderful memories when he is confused, and that he quickly readjusts once he is back with you!