Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Please say a prayer

We need some big prayers tonight! (because it's 10:30 pm here right now.)

Today our paperwork was submitted to the head minister for signature. That signature allows us to finalize the adoption then spend 3-4 business days finalizing our adoption so we can go home.

With both Axel and Asher's adoption we have waited 3-6 days for the signature.

Unfortunately, this time, we don't have 3-6 days!

May 1st is a major holiday here. Between May 1-18 there are only a few days when government offices are open. The last 3-4 business days of the process are things done with the US Embassy, but they follow the same holiday schedule as the Serbian government PLUS U.S. holidays.

Now, lets add in the fact the city who must process our adoption (Sid) has never done one before. They will defer certain decisions to another city. THAT city has just completed IT'S first adoption, and they have had some problems. What should have taken them one day has taken them three.

So, here's what we need and how to pray:

We need a signature from the ministry by Friday, April 19th.

If we get a signature by the 19th, we will be able to have the adoption ceremony by April 22nd, and to pick up the passport by the 23rd. This will allow us to be on a plane home by Saturday the 27th.

If we don't have a signature by the afternoon of Friday the 19th, plan B goes into effect. We have known since before we traveled that it is a possibility, but we are praying it doesn't come to pass. What we didn't know is the boy who we would be bringing home.

If we don't get that signature by Friday Dean will be on a plane headed home and I will have to bring B home by myself THE MIDDLE OF MAY!!!!

This is NOT a good thing. We KNOW that B will not climb up the airplane steps out on the tarmac by himself and he is too big for me to carry him up them. He is not going to let anyone else do it either, at least not without putting up one very huge fight, and the last thing I want is for a total stranger to be wrestling a 50+ lb spider monkey up those steps. And, I haven't even touched on the fact he is going to be difficult ON all the flights with just one adult. He needs two experienced adults to tag-team with him.

Please pray for each of the specific steps involved:

Pray we get the necessary signature in time.
Pray we get the passport without complication.
Pray we get our paper-chase completed quickly.
Pray we are 100% complete before the shut down.
Pray we get home without complications.
Pray that B does ok on the flights.
Pray for Dean and I as we navigate these last days.


  1. Bless your hearts!!! We'll be praying for each specific need.