Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Here's how it's *supposed* to go, and it's how it went for both Axel and Asher's adoptions:

Day 1) get signature
Day 2) Travel to birth city for adoption ceremony, get new birth certificate and certificate of citizenship.
Day 3) Pick up passport in Belgrade, pick up translated adoption documents, get medical appointment done, get VISA photos taken, have first Visa appointment with US Embassy.
Day 4) Pick up Visa
Day 5) Fly home (in this case it would be Saturday.)

But of course, this can't go the way it's *supposed* to go. I'm not allowed 3 easy adoptions in a row. Here's how B's adoption will work, and why it will be tiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Tuesday (today) get signature

Weds: Travel to Sid (pronounced Sheed) for adoption ceremony. Notice I did not say "travel to birth city? Why yes, that would be because the officials from Sid kind of forgot to inform us that while the birth parents were residents of Sid, B was born HERE in Belgrade!!!! So, adoption ceremony, only, in Sid. Then return to Belgrade to order new birth certificate and certificate of citizenship.

Thurs: RETURN to Sid to order passport. Now, because Sid has never completed an adoption, that means the police department has never ordered a new passport for an adoption child. This could be a MAJOR problem as far as timing is concerned.

Friday: BEST CASE SCENARIO pick up the passport in Belgrade at 1:00. Pick up translated adoption documents, get medical appointment done, visa photos done, first Visa appointment with US Embassy.

Monday: Pick up the visa.

Tuesday: FLY HOME!!!!!

Now, everything must happen exactly according to this schedule!!! If we don't pick up the visa on Monday ONE of us will fly home on Tuesday, and it won't be me or B! On Friday we will know which is going to happen. The police station in Sid has been notified that we'll be there on Thursday and they are clueless. It should be fun. Oh, and lets add in the fact the Embassy staff are moving into the new embassy and their hours are sporadic!!!


  1. My prayers are with you that things will all go to plan so you can get your gorgeous boy home as soon as possible

  2. Yikes! So many big hurdles have already been crossed and so many prayers answered. I'm praying that the Lord will continue to show Himself mighty to save, that B will continue to be prepared for the trip home, and that you find some special memories and moments of beauty amidst this craziness. One way or another, you are almost home!!!

  3. Praying you can all fly home together!

  4. Good luck with these last steps! You're in the home stretch now!!!