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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 8

Yesterday was a very busy day!

First, we went to Lake Ada. All the kids from the institution who were not in school, plus a caregiver for every single child, loaded on a bus with strollers and wheelchairs. It was PACKED. Some of the kids on this trip never leave their cribs or beds. This is a once-a-year trip and some have never been. They go in the early spring, early in the day, when there is hardly anyone there. The stories I know about some of the children would break your hears. Just know...there are Serbian children who need families. They need freedom. They need you.

B absolutely loves riding on a bus or in a car, so he was in his element. We sat next to my friend Boris, who I met during my adoption of Asher. We had a good talk.

It was a beautiful day to walk around the lake. We had two full hours to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and of course our son! I had been really worried how this trip would go. B's behavior has been difficult to handle, but as I looked around at some of the other children I realized I needed to get a grip on myself. If these caregivers and volunteers could take "these" children out and enjoy the time...even with some kids who's behavior is more difficult than B's....then we could do it to. We just needed to brace ourselves for the possibilities.

We threw rocks into the water.

It is evident B has been here before. He pointed to every single vendor and signed "drink" or "eat". Unfortunately most of the vendors were closed. We were glad to see he knew what they were, because it means he's been to this place before. Finally we found an ice-cream place that was open and we all enjoyed a cone! 

We were all tired on the way home. Notice B has lots of marks on his face. The one on his right cheek is healing. It's a bite mark from one of the other kids that happened the morning we met him. The one on his chin appeared mid-week. His nose is red because we're constantly having to wipe it.

When we returned to the institution we were asked if we wanted to take him home for the weekend. OF COURSE WE WANTED TO!!!!

So, later in the afternoon we went back to pick him up. The daytime staff was gone and evening staff was on. The caregiver from B's room when to get someone. On the way out she locked the door behind her with us standing in the hall. While we waited we watched an incredible scene. In B's room there is a regular size metal twin bed. (think old-time hospital bed, which is very heavy.) Then there are 6 wood toddler beds. As soon as the caregiver left the room and shut the door, B  ran over and flipped over that big metal twin bed. I mean, flipped it all the way over so it was upside down. As if he'd given some unspoken code word, to other little boys started flipping over the wooden toddler beds, completely dismantling the headboards, footboards, and throwing the slats that support the mattresses all over the room, with each bed ending up in about 15 pieces. This all happened in less than 30 seconds. I was really worried about one very frail little girl who has been sick all week. She was laying on one of the beds with a mattress covering her. I was afraid what would happen if one of those beds hit her. I saw the caregiver coming back down the hall and motioned for her to "hurry hurry!" and pointed into the room. Someone else said, "Oh,  no worries. This is normal."


Normal? Oh dear Lord I'm bringing this very strong little boy to stay in my friend's apartment!!! Please Lord, protect her apartment!

B was happy to be getting back in a car and very curious as to where we would be going. Dean and Zoran dropped us off at the apartment while they ran to the store to get supplies. B walked up the big flight of marble steps quite well (have I mentioned he goes up stairs alternating feet?) and we hung out for a bit, me trying to figure out what to do with him because he doesn't really play. He either stims or destroys stuff. Dean came home and we managed to get through our first dinner together. (that was interesting!) . We'd been told he goes to bed at 8:00 and "sleeps well."

Not at our house.

It was a very long night for this little boy who has never slept in any place but the institution, with 10 other kids around him, many within arms reach. He finally rocked himself to sleep around 11:00.

It was a long day and we were all worn out. What will tomorrow bring?

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