Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arrival continued

Finally I arrived in Axel's country.

Getting off the plane on the other side of the world is a bit surreal feeling. The first thing that I think of is, "I can't believe I am here, and everyone I love is over there, and what I am doing here on the other side of the world?" It really is a strange feeling.

I met at the airport by my new friend Mary Borojevich from Cherish Our Children International. (COCI) I had to give my apartment manager a one hour notice of my arrival, so Mary took me for coffee. When we got the apartment I found out there was no internet access. He had a modem with pre-paid minutes for me, only he 'forgot to put minutes on it'. Hmmmm NOT NICE! Poor Dean! Our facilitator had been worried because she hadn't heard from me, so she emailed the adoption agency, who in turn called Dean, and the group of them were worried together. Mary let me use her phone to call Dean and at least let him know I was alive and had made it to my destination!

From there we headed to dinner at what is said to be the best authentic restaurant in town. It was WONDERFUL, especially since it was now 7:00 pm or so and I was STARVING! LOL
The company at dinner was wonderful as well, and I was able to learn a lot of things about COCI and what they are doing for the children and adults with disabilities in this country. Amazing really, and an organization I'd like to stay involved with. Here's a couple videos to watch about just what COCI is doing!

Next comes Tuesday, a day I've been waiting months for!

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