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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sleep stuff. Questions for YOU

So, I have dealt with obstructive sleep apnea with Angela (ok, and maybe myself. Shhhh) and can recognize it.

So what would you make of a kid who flops like a fish all.night.long. Like every 3 minutes he flops. But, he doesn't snore. Not even a tiny bit! He just flops his whole body around. I haven't noticed an apnea episodes, but again, there is no snoring (or cessation of snoring) to cue me when he would be having an episode.

Most of the time when I check on him, he's sleeping with his whole head (and sometimes upper body) hanging off the bed. The fact that he puts himself into this position frequently makes me wonder if something doesn't happen to his airway when he's sleeping, and being in this position is his way of keeping it open. If I put him back in the middle of his bed, he returns to hanging within a few minutes.

Any thoughts? I know a sleep study is in his future, but that will be a couple months off, at least! know...I'm just plain curious! LOL


  1. I have no clue, but I don't think I have apnea, and I was a very restless sleeper as a child. I used to fall out of bed all the time because I moved so much. But the way you describe the sleeping position does sound suspicious.

  2. Leah sweetheart, from an apena Momma, that sure sounds like apena to me. Brook used to snore and all the "normal" apena stuff. She had her ginormous tonsils removed and the snoring quit, unless she is sick. Now her apena looks just like your decribing. She flips and flops, puts her head on my back so shes upright (She sleeps with me b/c of this apena. I'm scared to death of it and her pesky L.T.Malasia) Hangs her head over her pillow so it hangs down etc... this happens alllll night long. I'm up alot in the night changing her position so her airway is open. Your on the right track, of corse, requesting a sleep study. Have I told you lately how very proud I am of you and Dean? {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You dont know how much you have helped. After telling us about the phlegm we realized it is reflux. I wonder if the congestion will stop once he is on reflux meds? Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! We have a bunch of tests next week but today we rejoice in an answer to our longing it reflux?

    be blessed!!!! merry christmas


  4. Henry is a frequent flopper too, with little to no snoring. His position of choice is on his stomach with his knees pulled up underneath. I've never caught him hanging off the bed, but then he sleeps in my bed between my husband and me much of the time. I'd be curious to see what a sleep study says about Axel. I'm asking for one for Henry at his 5 yr appointment next month.

  5. Robyn flops around a lot...I wondered if she has that "restless leg syndrome" you see on the TV commericals. She doesn't snore either and falls out of bed a lot. However, when we were at the allergist and I told him about her moving around a lot and also her occasional itching in her sleep with no red marks/rashes we can observe, he said "that tells me a lot" as it sounded allergy related to him. Then we found out about the mold allergy. Is there an allergy in there somewhere?? Blessings, Jennifer