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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was going to blame my being up late every night on the fact I've been having more caffiene than I'm used to. I had a Coke a couple days ago. And it says, "Coke" on the bottle.

Today my translator left (he'll be back tomorrow to act as "driver". He wears lots of hats! LOL) and he gave me a bottle of "Cockta". I thought it was just another version of Coke, except it tastes a little different, almost like Dr. Pepper, only not.

Guess what? This stuff was designed to actually be healthy. LOL And, it doesn't have ANY caffeine in it. And that slightly fruity/tangy taste? Maybe Rose hips? I have no idea. LOL

In the 1940s, when Coca Cola was not yet available on the Yugoslavian market, Ivan Deu, director of the Slovenijavino company, decided to create a similar product – but better and healthier. He entrusted this task to Emerik Zelinka, who, after ten years of research in Ljubljana, invented a mixture of pure spring water with carbonic acid and eleven herbs, rose hips, vitamin C and caramelized sugar. He derived the name “Cockta” – the beverage was originally called “Cockta-Cockta” and later “Jugo-Cockta” – from the word “cocktail”. Cockta was one of Yugoslavia’s first export products, and was registered as a trade mark with the International Patents Office in Switzerland.


  1. I tried Cockta...and I wasn't a huge fan. I am a Diet Dr Pepper LOVER and this just didn't cut it. We had the same driver as you do (I think) and he was so anxious for us to try it. :) We told him we liked it, so shhhhhhh, don't tell! LOL!!

  2. Mmmm, Cockta! When I had business to do in Szeged (a city in Hungary close to the border to Serbia) I'd hop over to Subotica (or the closest village to the border) to stock up on Cockta! I loved that stuff. Too bad that Cockta, unlike Coca Cola products, is not certified kosher. I miss driniking it.