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Thursday, December 2, 2010

What we know about Axel

So I was so wrapped up in trying to get pictures posted, that I didn't write anything about our meeting with the Ministry officials yesterday.

This process is very different from Ukraine. Anyone who is adopting from this country, do not look at what the RR Ukraine families are doing and think your process will be anything like that. It's NOT!

The meeting with the Ministry is where you get all the information about the child. In attendance were the psychologist from the Social Services department, Axel's case manager, two social worker from his birth city, my facilitator, a translator and a person to take notes.

First the Ministry psychologist explained the purpose of the meeting, and that she would be asking me a couple of formal questions after were done going over Axel's records. His social worker proceeded to go over every detail, including the names of his birth parents. I don't know if I would have been allowed to take notes, but I wish I would have thought of it!

Axel's parents are married. Axel does have an older brother, and his parents are still married.

Axel was with his birth family until he was 2 years old.  When he was 2 he was transferred to an institution where he remained until he was 4 when he was moved again to yet another facility. When he was 7 he was going to be moved to a different institution, but this was about the time the investigation of Kulina was coming to light. Instead he was sent to a foster home, where he has been ever since. That is a lot of bouncing around for this little boy. Hopefully he can understand that there will be no more moving. We are the last stop for him!!!

His birth parents have arranged to visit him a few times during his stay at the foster home, the most recent being at the time of his 9th birthday, in August 2009. It was at that time they decided to release him for international adoption. There is MUCH information in between, but that is Axel's story, one for he and us to share as he gets older.

Axel is a very healthy boy, and has only had a couple of minor colds over the last 2 1/2 years with his foster family. However, it's evident to me he has blocked tear ducts, at least in his left eye, and possibly the right as well.

His fine motor skills are quite well developed! He has a great pincer grasp, and is able to manipulate very small buttons and switches that I'd hoped he would be oblivious to. ;-) He likes to figure out how things work, and is determined to take things apart!!! (Note to Dean, go out and find that tool bench I was looking for, along with ALL the tools, nuts and bolts, etc. that go with it!!! The more realistic the better. If this boy doesn't have an outlet he's going to take the house apart! LOL)

I haven't gotten a good look at Axel's gross motor skills yet, as we've been confined to the living room at the foster home. But, I have seen that he can balance on one foot, and is able to hop as well. I don't know how often he gets an opportunity to play at a playground, but I do know he plays with the children who live right next door. Won't he just love the playset in our back yard?


  1. This is so great! Thank you for sharing about your precious boy's background. I am so glad his last stop is your family....what a blessing!

  2. So wonderful! Seems quick and smooth. Be blessed