Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are HOME!

We are HOME!!! I have been awake for nearly 48 hours thanks to my inability to sleep the night before we left. Axel was awake for 24 hours straight.

We stopped and had dinner on the way home, then introduced Axel to his new room. He was SO excited to see the bed he'd seen in the talking photo album I brought to him at the foster home. It was adorable.

He has now had a bath, and we had a family cuddle on Mama and Papa's bed. Axel is now tucked into his bed and was sound asleep in about 10 minutes.

That's all I'm allowed to post for tonight. It's a "no computer" night! Goodnight everyone. Pictures and video tomorrow, I promise!


  1. so glad you made it home okay. Looking forward to pictures and video. Enjoy your family tonight!

  2. Yay! Welcome home Axel! So glad you made it home safely.

  3. I can only imagine the pure joy and excitment around you house tonight. Enjoy it all, every moment. Can't wait to hear about how Angela enjoys being a big sister!!!

  4. Welcome HOME Axel!!! So happy to hear (read) that you are both home now, safe and sound. Wow!!! Your little man is home..I'm doing a little happy dance here in my living room;)

    Go get some sleep Leah, you've earned it!!

  5. How does he like his big sister and how does she like him? So glad you are home safely.

    Be blessed


  6. Congratulations! Have been watching your journey to Axel and am so happy for you. You seem to have found a great boy. Looking forward to seeing him blossom while at home.