Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


8:10 pm here in Belgrade. Axel helped me pack up his toys in his backpack, then a few things in the big suitcase before he went to bed.

The laundry is just about done, and all the electronics are charging. Then I just have a few things left to pack, and some picking up to do before I head to bed for the night.

Pleas pray for us, that we have safe and easy travels tomorrow. No weather complications. No ear problems on the plane for Axel. No "accidents" that would require me to break out the extra set of clothes...for either of us. (though he'll be wearing a pull-up, I know he will be scared to death of the airplane toilet!)

I did request a wheelchair for use in the airports. Axel walks even slower than Angela, and I cannot imagine d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g. him through the airports, particularly Frankfurt! And, it seems stamina is a little bit of an issue for him as well, so a wheelchair it is.

See you stateside!


  1. Praying for a safe and uneventful trip home! Yes, it would be a LONG walk for him in Frankfurt. Looking forward to seeing your "we're home" post! :-) Blessings!

  2. WOOT, WOOT!!! Just be prepared for how much snow you have at home - HA!

  3. Prayers for a safe and easy (relatively!!!) trip!! Jennifer

  4. Safe trip home. Can't wait to read about and see pictures from the homecoming! I hope Axel doesn't do too bad with the flying.

  5. Hurry up and call me!!! I've been praying for the past 24 hours for you to get your butt home safely and smoothly.