Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today it's raining, so our time outside is very limited. Axel and I are working on lots of new signs. Today I've introduced, "toilet", "orange", "please" and "Mine!" as in "MY glasses" and "MY cell phone and "MY keys!".

I have a video of working on "orange", and our very first informal speech therapy lesson. He doesn't say "mama" he says it more like "baba", so I'm working on the "mmmmmm" sound.

A change in weather would be nice, so we can get back outside. It's 1:00, and today has been MUCH better, but there are still many hours left. Axel is used to going to bed at 10:00 at night, and sleeping 10-12 hours. Yeah, well...time to break THAT habit! This morning I woke him up at 8:30, and will pray that tonight's bedtime was much easier than last night. Whoever designed a room with three light switches within EASY reach of either bed was not considering there would ever be children staying in this hotel, much less one who rivals Stretch Armstrong.

Guess who just signed "toilet" on his own and took himself there? Smart boy!


  1. He is SO CUTE! ahhhh. And yes, get those ears checked!

  2. Leah,that is great!!! I bet you loved hearing Axel say MaMa. I know I did. I hope the rest of your day went great. Boy he is really picking things up with signing,. I hope I learn as fast. He is a beautiful little boy.

  3. Oh my goodness is he beautiful and such a delight! If his hearing turns out fine you may want to check for a sub mucus cleft palate. Our son got diagnosed and I would have never thought because he didnt look like he had a cleft but it is on the inside and very hard to diagnose so they say. Things seem so much smoother in your story compared to others I have read. Very cool.

    Be blessed

  4. oh, Leah, he is soooo beautiful and adorable. And, wow, smart!!! Hellooooo! Axel is going to make so much progress with you and Dean in the US. Can't wait to meet him.

  5. I just absolutely love him. He is so darn cute!!!! He is doing amazingly well....picking up so quickly. Awesome.

  6. Just watched all the videos, he does great with the toothbrush and I am quite impressed with his willingness to imitate sounds!

    I have to say, just wait until Angela sees you doing that and she is going to be all about doing the same! I can see her "teaching" him and taking it upon her to get him to talk. :)