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Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't forget him

How was your Christmas? Did your children enjoy it? Were they inundated with gifts and love from their family?

Picture your child, living in a family but feeling insecure in his place at the table. Why? Because the people around him have told him, "You're not staying here. You're not welcome to stay here. If a family is not found for you soon, you'll go to live in an orphanage for older boys and adults. Prepare yourself, it won't be easy there."

Those are the thoughts Marjan lives with every day.
Marjan is the sweetest boy! When I visited him in his foster home in April, he was appropriately shy for a 9 year old boy. It was clear he was uncomfortable with the adults talking about him as he sat right there on the couch by me. I tried to play some games with him, to keep his ears off the discussion taking place; discussion about how well he was doing in school, how smart he is, but also how it was time for him to move on. He needs to be adopted or he'll be moved.

Marjan's social workers are the same ones who were in charge of Axel's care. The guardian who was assigned to Axel's case is the one responsible for training the foster families in the area. I can tell you, from the care that Axel received, that they have gotten very good training. Marjan's foster brother (who is in his 20's) made sure to tell us many times what a GOOD boy Marjan is, and it was clear he is concerned that is brother find a good family who will love him forever.

Marjan's time is running out! Once he is moved he will no longer be available for adoption. The place where he'll be moved is not a good situation for a 9 year old boy!

Do you have a place at your table for Marjan? Do you have room in your house for his bed? Do you think your kids could handle getting a few less gifts so that Marjan could know a family? Do you think your kids have the ability to learn compassion for another by welcoming a new brother into their home? Do you think you have the ability to love one more child?

If you would like more information about Marjan, you can contact Shelley at About A Child.

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  1. Marjan was the first child on RR who caught my heart. I must confess, I had forgotten all about him. I will begin to pray hard for this sweet boy!