Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meeting the Dogs

My dogs talk and I talk to them.

No, really.

Thursday morning, while Axel was still sleeping, I had the dogs all come sit in front of me. "I brought a BOY home." I told them, and they all looked at me in disbelief. Especially Zurri, who has wanted a boy for a long time.

"This boy may not like you right away, but he will learn to like you very quickly. He is a gentle boy, and a loving boy, and you all need to be gentle with him."

Roman trembled with anticipation, Rubee moaned her eyore type "O....k..." moan, Dudley licked his lips in nervousness, and Zurri just stared at me, unblinking, taking in everything I was saying.

"You are not going to meet him all at once, because you'll scare him to death. Rubee will meet him first, then Dudley, Roman, then Zurri will be last."

Zurri still didn't blink.

I sent all the dogs back to the basement, and we waited for Axel to wake up. We had things to do this morning. I had given Angela the choice of staying home with us or going to school. She chose school, wanting to introduce Axel to her teachers and friends.

Finally Axel was awake and had eaten so we brought Rubee upstairs. Axel looked at her, but his hands on his hips, and scolded her and us in Serbian gibberish. He yelled at Rubee and pointed to the front door, I'm sure telling her to get outside. Then I showed him that he could pet Rubee, and that she was nice. I told him she lives in the house, and just wait...there are MORE!

An hour later we brought big, fluffy Dudley up. Kids are either scared to death of Dudley, or love the fact he looks like a giant stuffed animal. Axel's reaction was right in the middle. He WANTED to touch him, but there is that big tongue to consider, and that big tail that thwaps you as you walk by if he's excited.

We brought Angela to school, and Axel got to meet everyone (that's a different post, if I get to it.) When we came home we brought little Roman up. Axel really likes little Roman because he's...well...little! Roman rolled around in Axel's lap, unable to contain his own glee at having Mom home, and this BOY to pet him too! We sat on the couch with Roman, and Dudley came over and put his giant furry foot on Axel's lap. Axel leaned down and hugged Dudley's foot. LOL

It wasn't until the next day that Zurri, who had listened so intently, got to meet Axel. Zurri is our most "intense" dog. Her energy can be very intrusive as she investigates every inch of a new person if given the opportunity, and she would certainly be given that. Zurri came upstairs before Axel was awake. She sniffed every inch of Axel's coat and his shoes, surely taking note of every city and country where those items had been. She went to his closed bedroom door, shoved her nose in the crack and took in HUGE wiffs of the child sleeping inside. She laid down against his bedroom door and waited.

When Axel finally woke up, Zurrie walked into his room and crawled right up on the bed with him. She took in more huge sniffs, memorizing her new boy. He was HERS.

And it was love at first sight.

Zurri has a boy. The boy has Zurri.


  1. Jiminy Christmas Leah, would you please stop making me cry with EVERY post???!!

  2. oh, how lovely!! Next project for you is to put your blogs posts into a published book. Just think how many more potential parents you could reach through a project like that? I can already see you doing the morning talk show rounds with Angela, Axel and Dudley in tow.

  3. When you write this book you will have to include kleenex in the packaging! I'm very happy Zurri has her boy.

  4. I'm with Kathy....*WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* you're such a good boy-mom and dog-mom...mine would not have lasted! there would be no basement door!