Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flights are booked!

I have rescheduled our flights home, arriving one day earlier than previously planned, and one day later than I thought yesterday. LOL It was just going to be cutting it too close to try leaving on Tuesday.

Axel and I will board the plane in here in Belgrade at 6:15 a.m on Weds 12/15, and arrive home at 4:00 pm that same day, thanks to the time difference. Getting home at that time of day I should be able to get on a normal schedule by going to bed at a normal time that night. Yes, I'm slightly delusional. LOL


  1. We got to our house at 11:30pm. Vladan actually did go to sleep relatively quickly and slept until about 7:30 the next morning. He has adjusted pretty quickly.....Mama and Papa? That's taken a little longer. :)

  2. You will sure be coming home to a very white Christmas!!! We are up in the cities this weekend from Sioux Falls. It is a winter wonderland! I hope all will be calm for your arrival next week! :) Praying that all the final details go smoothly and that you have safe travels!

  3. Have a safe flight back...and have a wonderful Christmas

  4. Yay!! SO happy you will soon be home and bringing your new son home to meet his family!!!