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Monday, December 6, 2010

Spontaneous signs

Have I mentioned that this kid is amazing??? He is now signing spontaneously!

Today he has initiated, an used in the appropriate context:

1. drink - a million times, at least!
2. garbage - he's trying to throw everything away so he can use the sign. LOL
3. shoes - LOVES to go out walking, just wish his behavior allowed us to stay out longer.
4. bath - watching a cartoon with chickens that got a bucket of water dumped on them, he laughed and signed 'bath"! LOL
5. more - of everything please!
6. zip - as in please zip my jacket
7. mine - this car in my pocket is mine!
8. bed - signed a dozen times while he independently made is bed...without being asked!
9. mama - he also calls out to me if I'm out of sight, but it sounds like "Baba", and is then followed by lots of gibberish as he tells me whatever important thing he has to say.
10. papa - when seeing Dean on Skype
11. Axel - when he sees a picture of himself.

I have a couple more posts coming up tonight if I can get to them after Axel goes to bed. Still, his determination to communicate amazes me. I knew last spring that he was communication starved, but wow....I underestimated how much he needed it!


  1. Leah, you are doing an awesome job with him too! I am amazed at your level of expertise. Of course, he IS amazing as well!

  2. Wow, that is really great. What smart little guy. I'm sure it's also because he has a fantastic Mama...

  3. Leah, I wonder how much the fact that you prayed for him, changed him? It is so wonderful reading everything about you 2. He just seems like such a huge big blessing and gift!

  4. That is amazing and wonderful how fast he is picking up the signs! I also love to see which ones he is using. I still need to learn some of those!